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We are happy to provide you a wide range of sandwich recipe related products for you to buy online. From Amazon, they supply you a range of products from sandwich recipe books to DVDs. If you buy directly from Amazon UK you will be entitled to FREE UK delivery. Happy shopping and please pop back soon.

Sandwiches, Panini and Wraps: 50 Delicious Recipes for the Classic Meal (Paperback) by Dwayne Ridgaway (Author) - Sandwiches, Panini and Wraps is lavishly photographed and provides easy instructions and creative food ideas for the imaginative sandwich maker. It features 50 recipes for everything, ranging from grilled to cold sandwiches, wraps, pitas (including vegetarian options), soups, salads, side dishes, condiments and spreads as well as dessert suggestions to top off these savoury meals with something sweet.

The Sandwich Board: Featuring 130 Stupendous Sandwich Creations (Paperback) by Robert F. Schissel (Author)

Student's Toasted Sandwich Recipe Book (Paperback) by Gill McCormick (Author) - A real tour-de-force in its use of real food and flavouring combinations that produce exciting eating, without the need for traditional cookery methods.

Sandwich Companion (Traditional Country Life Recipe) (Paperback) - by Ralph M. Johnston (Author), Martha Johnston (Author) - For the most part, this book contains the unusual, the exotic and many different sandwiches that will put delicious, new, and exciting tastes at your fingertips. Regardless of which sandwich you choose, remember, the goal is to enjoy while satisfying your hunger and delighting your taste buds. For this reason, the authors suggest that you take care to present each sandwich as intended with just the right garnish.

Panini Express: 70 Delicious Recipes Hot Off the Press (Hardcover) - by Dan Leader (Author) - Panini Express supplies you with 70 easy yet delicious recipes for your home-made paninis and does not confine itself to only Italian recipes; it explores the world of flavour with offerings such as ham, turkey, Swiss cheese and a hoisin-lime dressing. Also included are four homemade bread recipes and recipes for mayonnaise and other tasty sandwich spreads. It is different and delicious!

New Recipes for Your Sandwich Maker (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks) (Paperback) by Donna Rathmell German (Author) - This classic cookbook has been extensively revised and updated for modern kitchens. The sandwich maker is a handy and unpretentious appliance which is extremely versatile. Make quick sandwiches for breakfast or lunch and fill them with unusual, tasty fillings; or try using bread dough or puff pastry to hold more exotic fillings.

Roadfood Sandwiches: Recipes and Lore from Our Favorite Shops Coast to Coast (Paperback)
by Jane Stern (Author), Michael Stern (Author)

Lunch Boxes and Snacks: Over 120 Healthy Recipes from Delicious Sandwiches and Salads to Hot Soups and Sweet Treats (Hardcover) by Annabel Karmel (Author)

Great Grilled Cheese: 50 Innovative Recipes for Stovetop, Grill, and Sandwich Maker (Hardcover) by Laura Werlin (Author), Maren Caruso (Photographer)

Simple Italian Sandwiches: Recipes from America's Favorite Panini Bar (Hardcover) by Jennifer Denton (Author), Jason Denton (Author), Kathryn Kellinger (Author)

Grilled Cheese: 50 Recipes to Make You Melt (Paperback) by Marlena Spieler (Author) - Homey, crunchy, warm, and melty, grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Toasted golden in the pan or press, browned to melty perfection under the broiler or grill, the hallmark of a good grilled cheese sandwich is crunchy on the outside, oozing on the inside. It's a meal in itself, a midnight snack, and the perfect companion to a steaming cup of soup.