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Salad Sandwich Recipes

Salad Sandwiches ore a very popular sandwich recipe allowing you to add almost anything to the sandwich as you desire. From Meats, Vegetables, and Dairy there is sure plenty of Salad Sandwich Recipes anyone can enjoy with ingredients you may already have in your fridge. Depending on your diet you can enjoy a cheese salad or a Traditional British Cucumber Sandwich.

Cheese Salad Sandwich Recipe - A Cheese Salad is the most popular Salad Sandwich available, and provides a delicious sandwich for anyone. Traditionally, Salad Sandwiches provide the same salad consisting of Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce topped with Mayonnaise, but often you can choose you own main including cheese, chicken or just eggs.

Cucumber Sandwich Recipe - A sandwich recipe found all over Great Britain dating back to the Victorian days. A Cucumber Sandwich is often served at English tea parties as a light snacks.