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All Day Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

An All Day Breakfast Sandwich is a very popular and tasty sandwich, consisting mainly of recipes served to you on a plate in a restaurant or cafe, you should be quite familiar with this sandwich recipe.


  1. 2 Slices of Wholemeal Bread
  2. 2 Boiled Eggs
  3. 4 Rashes of Bacon
  4. 2 Sausages
  5. Mayonnaise


  1. Place one piece of bread on your chopping board and chop up an hard boiled egg in a mixing bowl or dish and mix with plenty of Mayonnaise. Spread a thick layer of Egg and Mayonnaise onto your piece of bread.
  2. Grill 4 rashers of bacon and when cold place over Egg and Mayonnaise Mix.
  3. Grill 2 Sausages and when cold down, slice both sausages in half long ways and place over bacon. To finish off the sandwich recipe, slice 4 pieces of tomato and lettuce over the meats.

This sandwich recipe is found in: Meaty Sandwiches