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Meaty Sandwich Recipes

Our collection of meat sandwich recipes offer you a great range of meats for any taste. Whether it be a pork or beef sandwich, bacon, or even a ham sandwich, we hope to provide you a good range of sandwich recipes for anyone to try out.

All Day Breakfast Sandwich Recipe - An all day breakfast sandwich is a very popular and tasty sandwich, consisting mainly of recipes served to you on a plate in a restaurant or cafe, you should be quite familiar with this sandwich recipe.

Bacon & Chicken Sandwich Recipe - A bacon and chicken sandwich is quite similar to an All Day Breakfast sandwich recipe, but replaces the sausage with thick chicken in the egg and mayonnaise mix.

Fried Egg & Bacon Sandwich Recipe - An egg and bacon sandwich is not for those of you on a healthy diet. Egg and bacon sandwiches can be quite filling and can be served as meal, rather than a snack. With hot bacon and a runny egg, you are sure to enjoy the good old fried egg and bacon sandwich.

Bacon, Egg & Pork Sausage with Tomato Relish - This incredibly delicious sandwich is great for meaty sandwich lovers. Packed with smoky bacon and pork sausages, with plenty of egg mayonnaise mix and tomato relish.

Sausage Butty - A traditional British sandwich recipe and a very simple snack to make.

Bacon Butty - Another popular and traditional British sandwich recipe and a very simple snack to make, just like any bacon sandwich you may have already made before, the Bacon Butty is very easy to make in a matter of minutes.

Beef Sandwich Recipe - Anyone who likes their meats will certainly enjoy a Beef Sandwich. By simply grilling a thin slice of Beef until medium, it goes nicely into a sandwich without needing to bite down to hard or chewing it for ages to get through the Beef.

Cheese & Ham Sandwich Recipe - A very popular sandwich recipe all over the world that can be prepared in no time, the great cheese and Ham Sandwich. With finely sliced Cheddar cheese and a couple of slices of packet ham, you have a delicious sandwich recipe anyone will love.

Meatball Sub (Hot) - Make your own Meatball Sub and when eaten immediately it will make sure you get the best out of this delicious American sandwich recipe. The Meatball Sub provides juicy meatballs, hot marinara sauce, and cheddar cheese together in two thick slices of white bread.

Meatball Sub (Cold) - Just like your hot meatball sub shown above, the cold meatball sub is an alternative for a handy snack later. The cold Meatball Sub is just that, cold meatballs, marinara sauce with grated cheddar cheese over the sauce.