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Egg Sandwich Recipes

Whether it's a simple boiled egg, or a fried egg, Eggs provide one of the largest sandwich recipes available and can provide you great sandwich fillings and ideas. We have provided you a wide range of egg sandwich recipes insuring you can make the most out of your eggs. But whatever the case you encourage you to make do with only organic eggs.

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe - A simple Egg Sandwich Recipe anyone will love with a thick spread of chopped up boiled egg with plenty of Mayo.

Fried Egg & Bacon Sandwich Recipe - An Egg and Bacon Sandwich is certainly not for those of you on a healthy or low calorie diet, but provides those of us who have no diet to worry about. Egg and Bacon Sandwiches can be quite filling and should be served as small meal, rather than a snack. With hot crispy bacon and a running egg, you are sure to enjoy the good old Fried Egg and Bacon Sandwiches.