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Cheese Sandwich Recipes

From our cheese sandwich recipes menu you can follow a wide range of basic cheese sandwich recipes anyone can do in the kitchen in a matter of minutes. The great thing with cheese sandwich ideas, it doesn't matter what cheeses you use, but Cheddar cheese is always a good one to have in your sandwich and goes with almost anything.

Cheese & Ham Sandwich Recipe - A very popular sandwich recipe all over the world that can be prepared in no time, the great cheese and ham sandwich. With finely sliced Cheddar cheese and a couple of slices of packet ham, you have a delicious sandwich recipe anyone will love.

Cheese & Onion Sandwich Recipe - By far the most popular and easiest sandwich recipe to create, just 2 pieces of bread, half of onion and a couple of slices of Cheddar cheese and you have a quick snack made in minutes.

Cheese & Onion Mix Sandwich Recipe - Just like the cheese and onion sandwich recipe above, add more taste to your sandwich with more ingredients. If a cheese and onion sandwich sounds to simple for you or simply to dry to eat, Then this sandwich recipe will be ideal for you, providing plenty of source and herbs you can enjoy.

Cheese & Pickle Sandwich Recipe - Cheese and Brantson pickle is a Great British sandwich recipe and offers a very convenient snack in minutes. If cheese and onion is not your thing, add a little spice to your cheese sandwich with Branston pickle. A very popular British sandwich recipe that goes great with white bread.